Slimey Alpha7 (v0.0.7)

Slimey Alpha 7 (v0.0.7)

This alpha is a really big change, since we've updated level 1 completely and added touch screen support. We also started working on level 2, but this level is far from complete. However, we wanted to give you a sneakpeak, so here it is!

New stuff:

  • Icespikes that will instant kill you
  • Ice blocks where you don't take walk damage
  • Checkpoint item
  • Moveble blocks
  • New type of painting
  • Improved level 1
  • Improved tutorial
  • Added a little preview of level 2

Technical changes:

  • Removed controls options button
  • Modified the amount of damage walking, shooting and landing takes
  • Removed "CHECKPOINT" text at the top of the screen. Instead, there is an item in the level
  • Little screenshake when you fall
  • Slimey hops when he jumps
  • Particles when you eat a slimeball
  • Bullets gets destroyed when touching a wall
  • Bullets gets destroyed when touching a fluid
  • Bullets kills fluids
  • You can push some blocks. These are called moveble blocks
  • Debug for light. This will render light as lines
  • FPS debug changed
  • Added debug to randomize things, like textures
  • Some transparent objects are not transparant anymore
  • Vents work different
  • Added hitboxes debug
  • Deleted the level editor
  • The use-key is now set to "E" instead of "F"
  • Removed background option
  • Particles when you pick up food
  • Particles when you pick up coins
  • Particles when you pick up a checkpoint
  • Disco lamps now emit light
  • Temporary removed level1-31/level1-35
  • Removed achievements
  • Disabled level 0

Bugs fixed:

  • [Bug S50] Not all shadows render
  • [Bug S55] Back button is at the level layer in random mode, instead of the UI layer
  • [Bug S34] You spawn at the wrong vent
  • [Bug S17] Food is gone in SlimeyStudio after you pick it up, even if you restart (deleted Slimey Studio)
  • [Bug S49] Radio in Slimey Studio is missing particles (deleted Slimey Studio)
  • [Bug S42] Sometimes you can't replay
  • [Bug S56] Key is invisible
  • [Bug S57] dynamic sound of the radio is buggy
  • [Bug S44] When you buy the easter skin, you get the achievement for having all the skins
  • [Bug S45] You don't need the easter skin for the achievement
  • [Bug S54] After quitting, the achievements reset, so you can get them infinite
  • [Bug S61] You can't pause on touch edition


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Feb 16, 2021

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