Slimey Alpha11 (v0.0.11)

Slimey Alpha 11 (v0.0.11)

WOW! Finally! We are back from a long holiday! And we are here with bugfixes, technical changes, and the most important thing: level 2

New stuff:

  • Level 2
  • New sounds

Technical changes:

  • Fluids freeze when you spawn in their attack range
  • Bullets despawn if they are out of the screen
  • Fake street floors are now more transparent
  • Decreased amount of particles emitted by fountains (from 128 per second to 64)
  • Offset of the bullet is more when playing a higher difficultie
  • Removed warning when playing online
  • Door plays no acces sound when you try to open it without a key

Bugs fixed:

  • [Bug S79] Text in level 1-10 is gone
  • [Bug S80] When mouse button is pressed, the game pauses and unpauses
  • [Bug S81] You can't pass level 1-10
  • [Bug S82] Platforms in random mode don't despawn
  • [Bug S83] Fluids can spawn at start platform of random mode
  • [Bug S84] At some respawn points in level 2 you spawn right next to a fluid that starts attacking you
  • [Bug S91] Keyboard controlls don't work
  • [Bug S93] When you mouseclick in the gameover screen, you respawn
  • [Bug S92] when you mouseclick in the pause screen, you resume
  • [Bug S97] The second vent of level 1 is buggy
  • [Bug S90] At the gamemode selector, you cant use the back arrow
  • [Bug S86] There is an text bubble in the last tutorial scene
  • [Bug S99] When you exit the game using the menu button on the pause screen you can't play the game anymore
  • [Bug S94] Music of 1-35 continues in level 1-36
  • [Bug S101] Checkpoints in the tutorial don't work

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