Slimey Alpha9 (v0.0.9)

Slimey Alpha9 (v0.0.9)

It's a new month and that means: A NEW SLIMEY UPDATE! Sadly, the team was very busy. However, next alpha will be huge..

New Stuff:

  • Balloons of July 4st
  • "a gamepanter game" text in the right bottom corner in the menu

Technical Changes:

  • When you walk of a platform, you keep the ability to jump
  • On July 4st you always have the gamepanter skin
  • When you click "a gamepanter game" at the menu you go to the credits
  • Credits are complete now

Bugs Fixed:

  • [Bug S66] If you go back to the previous scene in level 1-6, the game freezes
  • [Bug S52] Game freezes a lot
  • [Bus S68] text on the bottom of the credits says "press escape to leave the game" but you don't leave the game but go to main menu


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Feb 16, 2021

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