Slimey Alpha10 (v0.0.10

Slimey alpha 10

We're back from holidays, and that means a new version of Slimey every month. In This version, we've taken down alot of technical issues, and we're now focussing on level design.

New stuff:

  • New textures for a few things
  • Textures for level 2 are made
  • New conversation method
  • Tutorial for conversation
  • Shoot tutorial
  • New loading screen
  • Random mode textures

Technical changes:

  • Bullets have a random offset in direction
  • Not all platforms stop bullets
  • New loading method
  • More snowflakes
  • Each difficultie has 1 more life
  • A fluid has 3 HP instead of 1
  • Clicking on the game version  in the menu doesn't do anything anymore
  • Random mode platforms now have random width
  • Gaps between random mode platforms can be bigger
  • New jump mechanics
  • Coins spawn at random mode
  • Food spawn at random mode
  • Enemies spawn at random mode

Bugs fixed:

  • [Bug S70] You die by touching the ice spikes from above
  • [Bug S69] Your skin is always the gamepanter logo, except on july 4th
  • [Bug S35] the scene transition is not effected by darkmode
  • [Bug S64] Pause button is a little offset
  • [Bug S41] you cant play level 1 on april 1st
  • [Bug S58] You spawn at the wrong place in level1-16
  • [Bug S51] damage is per frame, so if you have low FPS you take much less damage
  • [Bug S74] vents dont work
  • [Bug S77] The game doesn't save the easter egg skin
  • [Bug S53] Girl skin is a weird width when you've jumped
  • [Bug S71] Poison in level 1-5 looks weird
  • [Bug S67] You spawn at the wrong place when going back to level 1-15
  • [Bug S73] Poison in level 1-12 looks weird
  • [Bug S76] Creator skins are invisible when aplied (not confirmed)
  • [Bug S78] Game doesn't delete landing particle, so the game can be laggy


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Feb 16, 2021

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