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Slimey, a platformer game by gamepanter! · By gamepanter


Recent updates

Slimey Alpha11 (v0.0.11)
Slimey Alpha 11 (v0.0.11) WOW! Finally! We are back from a long holiday! And we are here with bugfixes, technical changes, and the most important thing: level...
Slimey Alpha10 (v0.0.10
Slimey alpha 10 We're back from holidays, and that means a new version of Slimey every month. In This version, we've taken down alot of technical issues, and we...
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Slimey Alpha9 (v0.0.9)
Slimey Alpha9 (v0.0.9) It's a new month and that means: A NEW SLIMEY UPDATE! Sadly, the team was very busy. However, next alpha will be huge.. New Stuff: Balloo...
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Slimey Alpha8 (v0.0.8)
Slimey alpha8 (v0.0.8) Because of a few huge bugs, we've released an extra alpha! Enjoy! Bugs fixed: [Bug S59] When enter level 2 you still can't interact with...
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Slimey Alpha7 (v0.0.7)
Slimey Alpha 7 (v0.0.7) This alpha is a really big change, since we've updated level 1 completely and added touch screen support. We also started working on lev...
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Slimey android v0.0.1
Slimey android v0.0.1 Slimey android v0.0.1 is a very different update, because it's a test version. In this version the controls are made and you can practice...
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Slimey Alpha6 (v0.0.6)
Slimey alpha 6 (v0.0.6) Due to a big bug we needed to make another alpha.. So here it is! NExt alpha is gonna be huge, it will be released on june 1st 2021 New...
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Slimey Alpha5 (v0.0.5)
Slimey alpha 5 (v0.0.5) An early alpha release, because the next one will be huge. Next alpha will be there at 06-1-2021. Happy easter everybody! New stuff: Eas...
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